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What can I do if my recovery seed phrase is longer than 4 characters?

For recovery phrases, only the first 4 letters of each word are required. The phrases come from a specific list known as the BIP39 list, which contains 2048 words. Every word on this list can be uniquely identified by its initial 4 letters. This means that if you remember the first 4 letters, you can determine the entire word by referencing it on the list. Notably, some wallet systems automatically complete the word for you once you've entered its first 4 letters.

What measures can I take to protect my seed phrase from loss or theft?

By employing this three-part split measure, you can ensure that even if one of your BitBars is compromised, no one will gain full access to your seed phrase. Two out of the three BitBars are always required to recover the seed. Conversely, if you happen to lose one BitBar, any two out of the three BitBars can be used to recover your seed phrase without the need for the third one.

Can airport x-ray machines read my seed phrase if I travel with BitBar?

We tested this ourselves at the airport, and the BitBar only appears as a black object on X-ray scans, making it impossible to read your seed phrase.

Do I need to send my seed phrase to you?

No, please don't share it. You'll set up your seed phrase directly in the BitBar using the individual metal letter tiles. It's important to keep your seed phrase to yourself; it acts as the key to your digital assets and should never be shared with anyone else.

Do I need tools to set up my seed phrase?

No tools are required to set up your seed phrase; the letters are pre-engraved and sufficient to cover all possible combinations. The letter tiles can be easily slid into the BitBar, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

What material is the BitBar made of?

BitBar is made of 100% stainless steel, making it resistant to corrosion, as well as fireproof and waterproof.

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