The World's Most Secure Crypto Off-Line Wallet

BitBar is the ultimate physical backup tool for your cryptocurrency recovery seed phrases. Don't compromise on security when it comes to your crypto investments.

Exquisite Swiss 🇨🇭 Design To Protect Your Wealth/Assets Over Generations

Swiss Engineered: This exquisite Swiss design features a hexagonal bar with grooves on all six sides that seamlessly mates with the sleeve. Heavy weight (515g) that feels precious with a premium finish.

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Achieve Maximum Protection Effortlessly In Three Simple Steps

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1 - Remove the Sleeve.

2 - Insert the Letter Tiles.

3 - Close and Seal.

Universal Seed Phrase Compatibility: Backup With 24 Words Accessible

BitBar is compatible with all crypto wallets that use BIP39 words to generate 12 or 24 word recovery phrases, including Trust Wallet, BlueWallet, MetaMask, Ledger Nano, Trezor and many more. To ensure your crypto holdings are secure, make sure to keep your recovery seed safe.

Built To Last: Crypto Hardware Wallet For Unbeatable Security

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Pre-Engraved Letter Tiles: Premium Workmanship, No Tools Required, & Easy to Setup

The letters are engraved so deeply that they cannot be burned or destroyed. No manual deformation is required as the letters are pre-engraved. There are more than enough letter tiles to cover the 2048 words.

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The Ultimate Seed Phrase Wallet For Complete Peace Of Mind

With your seed phrase, you can recover your wallet and access your funds at any time! BitBar allows you to: Recover, Transfer and Secure your Funds, Reinstall your Wallet, Backup and Restore, Plus Legacy Planning

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