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BitBar Seed Phrase Wallet

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Back 24 words up with 4 letters of each word.

For recovery phrases, only the first 4 letters of each word are required. The phrases come from a specific list known as the BIP39 list, which contains 2048 words. Every word on this list can be uniquely identified by its initial 4 letters. This means that if you remember the first 4 letters, you can determine the entire word by referencing it on the list. Notably, some wallet systems have streamlined this process, automatically completing the word for you once you've entered its first 4 letters.

If a word has only three letters, you can use a spacer (a letter tile with no letter) as the fourth letter to maintain the consistency of four-letter slots.     

Spacer: If a word has only 3 letters, an empty tile is used to fill the gap.

Divider: Engraved lines indicate the division between the words.

Cut-Off: Only the first 4 letters of each word are required; the following characters are omitted.

Roman numerals are used to differentiate between two sets of 12 words if two wallets are being backed up with only 12 recovery phrases.

  • Roman I for the words 1-12.
  • Roman II for the words 13-24.
Pre-Engraved Letter Tiles: Premium Workmanship, No Tools Required, & Easy to Set-Up. The letters are deeply engraved, ensuring their resistance to burning or damage. No manual deformation is necessary as the letters are pre-engraved. The letter tiles are sufficient to cover all 2048 words.
The letter tiles are securely locked in place using spring plungers at the end of each groove.

Losing access to your crypto should never be an option. We offer you the ultimate solution to safely store your seed phrases with our Swiss-engineered products, allowing you to easily restore your wallet. Don't take chances with your hard-earned investments; choose BitBar for peace of mind. 

BitBar eliminates the risk of permanent loss of your crypto assets in the event of:

  • Forgotten or lost password
  • Loss of access to your mobile phone or laptop
  • Theft of your phone or laptop
  • Damage or destruction of your device

    Product Properties: Material, Surface Finish, Special Features and Functionality.

    BitBar is an intuitive and user-friendly solution that can be easily set up by anyone. It is fully compatible with all wallets that use BIP39 words to generate 12, 18, and 24 recovery phrases.

    The compatibility of BitBar extends to a wide variety of hardware and software wallets. These include but are not limited to, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Exodus, Ledger Nano, Trezor live, BitBox02, KeepKey, Jade, and Coldcard, among numerous other options. 

    Whether you prefer the enhanced security of a cold wallet or the convenience of a hot wallet, BitBar supports both types. This wide compatibility ensures that BitBar can be used by anyone, regardless of their preferred wallet. It can also be used as a password wallet.                     

      Splitting Your Seed Phrase for Enhanced Security.

      The most secure and straightforward approach is to split your seed phrase into three parts.

      By employing this three-part split measure, you can ensure that even if one of your BitBars is compromised, no one will gain full access to your seed phrase. Two out of the three BitBars are always required to recover the seed. Conversely, if you happen to lose one BitBar, any two out of the three BitBars can be used to recover your seed phrase without the need for the third one.

      Here's how you can split your seed phrase using the x3 BitBar Bundle:

      ➡️ For the first part, use words 1-16.

      ➡️ For the second part, use words 9-24.

      ➡️ For the third part, combine words 1-8 and 17-24.

      Here is a detailed breakdown of how the words should be split:

      International shipping takes about one week.

      Standard shipping:

      ⬡ United-States: $25 USA

      ⬡ Canada: $25 USA

      ⬡ Australia & NZ = $25 USA

      ⬡ Switzerland = 7 CHF

      ⬡ European Union = 10 EUR

      ⬡ UK: $25 USD

      ⬡ UAE: $25 USA

      More economical shipping rates are available for bundle purchases, see at checkout.

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      Achieve Maximum Protection Effortlessly In Three Simple Steps

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      1 - Remove the Sleeve.

      2 - Insert the Letter Tiles.

      3 - Close and Seal.

      Lock and Seal

      Set up your seed phrase in 3 steps, optionally lock and seal.

      Unbeatable Security Build to Last

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Marshall Rose
      Very solid!

      Of the various "cold steel" wallets I have used, this is easily the best in all areas (although in fairness, I haven't tested it in fire or sea water)... This is my new "goto cold steel".

      Nico Wagner
      Zu klein

      Das Produkt an sich - Weltklasse!

      Nur komme ich mit 4 Buchstaben pro Wort nicht klar und musste daher eine 2. BitBar kaufen...

      Adila Linke

      Super 👍 I am so excited!

      Cornelius Savopoulos

      Ok, should b the BEST seed case in the market

      David J Harman

      Well it took yonks, but I finally got my Bitbar. Bloody awesome piece of kit. :)